Pacific County Economic Development Council

600 Washington Ave. | Raymond, WA 98577

(360) 875-9330 North Pacific County  |  (360) 642-9330 South Pacific County

Jim Sayce
Executive Director

Jim joined the EDC in December of 2016.  His mission is to uncover commonly held community goals and make them happen. Jim has many specialties that include, grant writing, natural history preservation, project development/management, community relations, project visioning, scope development, tribal relations, trails, construction management, and public speaking. Jim lives in Sea view and enjoys cycling on the beach in his free time.

Kylie Towe
Administrative Assistant

Kylie is currently a student at Grays Harbor College. While Kylie continues her education she works with us here at the Economic Development Council. Kylie Manages the organizations membership databases. Schedules, plans, and provides administrative support in meetings, conferences, and events.

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